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Organisational Constitution


Section-2, Address: 48/3, West Hajipara, Malibagh, Ramna, Dhaka. The Registering authority will be informed within 01(one) week if address of organization is changed.

 Section-3, working area:

Working field of organization will initially be bounded within jurisdiction Dhaka district. Subsequently activities will be extended for whole of Bangladesh with approval of registering authority.

Section-4 Nature & Character of Organization: The organization as non-political, non-profitable, voluntary will take necessary initiative and measures to ensure and confirm a massive participation of the largest for social development by versatile and multi-literal self reliant organizational activities including socio-economic, educational, cultural development of the backward and undeveloped communities as well as to keep or maintain opportunity of the people for the hardcore goad of the social development and human benevolence and welfare.

Section-5 Goal and objective of the organization: The organization will obtain and secure the approval of the concerned ministry / division prior or before implementation and materialization where applicable or in the applicable ground from serial no. 1 to 44.

  1. To participate in the woman child and youth development.
  2. To work for wellbeing or welfare and rehabilitation of social beggars and floating people.
  3. Versatile cultural development
  4. To build or establish cultural centre for standard or developed culture of every man in society.
  5. To take step for self employment for socio-economic development of every man in society.
  6. To build or establish library for development of human cultural and liberal thought.
  7. To organize social movement for ensuring safe and peaceful life of every veteran community of country.
  8. Veterans of society are the live-history of country, accordingly to involve or implies veteran to build peaceful country ensuring their respectful life in society and family.
  9. To build an intensive relationship or association with veteran benevolent organization of country.
  10. To participate co-operative program to confirm participation of the people and for successful implementation of the program adopted by state with object to develop the people.
  11. To arrange employment by training and make them sound and healthy by maintenance,, health care and treatment of different neglected floating people.
  12. To adopt or undertake maintenance, medical service and rehabilitative program of people living on road.
  13. To create employment by giving maintenance, medical, services, health care and training of the vagabond people.
  14. To arrange rehabilitation and self employment by maintenance, treatment, health care and training of the beggars to establish beggar-free society.
  15. To rehabilitate old, widow, orphan, disabled, beggar, vagabond and floating community of society by treatment, health care and training at free of costs.
  16. To arrange education, treatment, training and security for guardianless adult, widow, orphan, disabled, beggar, vagabond and floating community in society.
  17. To create employment opportunity of the rural community by establishing agro based farm, fisheries, livestock, poultry farm, dairy farm.
  18. To create Welfare Fund for Rehabilitation of Veteran, homeless and floating community.
  19. To build amity or relationship between youth and old in society.
  20. Program for long-life of Bangladeshi sapient like developed country in the world.
  21. To supply pure and arsenic-free water.
  22. To prepare national list with biography of the long life aged of country.
  23. To adopt special program for development of children.
  24. To adopt special program for welfare of youth.
  25. To adopt special program for welfare of females
  26. Welfare of physical and mental disabled persons
  27. Family Welfare
  28. To undertake or adopt the cultural functions for recreation-amusement for purpose of keeping the people refrained from participating in the activities against society.
  29. Arrangement for social and old education with object of awaking responsibility of citizens.
  30. To undertake the biogas productive program using wastage in work.
  31. To build good relation with people.
  32. To research for development of formal and non formal education and training quality.
  33. To increase correlation among the people.
  34. To adopt educational, training, recreational, medical and rehabilitative program of the deprived child- adolescent.
  35. To distribute educational articles, things and dresses among the poor children and to save them from social cruelty.
  36. To take social afforesting program to conserve environment and social development and to establish agro based farm, fisheries, animal husbandry or animal fostering, poultry farm etc.
  37. To take the different types of programs for sports, physical exercise and mental recreation of youth community.
  38. To impart any versatile latest technical, vocational training or education for people.
  39. To adopt training and rehabilitative program of disabled, orphan and old and welfare program of the old.
  40. To adopt self-reliant program through versatile training and onetime grant of organization for disabled, destitute and low earning people.
  41. To establish Public Library.
  42. To establish nursery for development of environment and to adopt tree plantation and social afforesting program.
  43. To adopt mother & Child health, nutrition, family planning, vaccine and first aid program and to establish social health centre.
  44. To implement or materialize basic human right.

Section-6 : Member of organization / category of members:-

  1. Advisory Member
  2. Founder Member
  3. General Member
  4. Lifetime Member
  5. a) Advisory Member: The persons who have especially qualification, expertness, skill and experience will be nominated as advisory member of the organization.
  6. b) Founder Member: All members, first initiators for foundation of organization who will subscribe to found the organization will be deemed as founder member of this organization. All founder members will be called as Member of General Council.
  7. c) General Member: Eligibility of General Member/ Members will be assessed u/s. 7 set in the following.
  8. d) Lifetime Member: All the persons who will contribute onetime of Tk.10,000/- in fund of organization will be nominated as lifetime member of organization.

Section-7: Qualification to be member:

Any citizen of Bangladesh by birth can be member of this organization under the following terms & conditions :

  1. The devoted social workers and enthusiastic persons can be member of the organization.
  2. At least 18 years have right of vote.
  3. Entitled to have been good moral character (Not punished by court)
  4. Entitled to have been sound brain (Not wild or lunatic)
  5. Must be loyal to the ideology, objectives and constitution of organization.
  6. Monthly fixed subscription and admission fee must be paid.
  7. Actively to perform the duty vested of organization
  8. Devoted in social welfare and human services.

Section-8, Termination of membership

  1. In case any person voluntarily resigns or it is approved by executive committee.
  2. In case of death or in case of being accused of moral offence at court
  3. In case of involving or associating in the activities against ideology and interest of organization.
  4. If any member remains silent to pay monthly subscription consecutively 06 months.
  5. If any member or members receive any pay, allowances, profits and remunerations and any types of financial benefits, service opportunity in organization.
  6. If any member does not attend consecutively 03 meetings of executive council without any admissible reason.
  7. In case of being inactive in activities of organization consecutively for 06 months.
  8. If any nature, character, mentality and activities of members are against interest of organization.
  9. If adjudicated as bankrupt by court.
  10. If sentenced by any criminal court for lunatic and moral deviation.
  11. If inactive to perform duty vested upon members
  12. If fund is misappropriated and illegally extorted.
  13. If acted against constitution and imperious in the activities of organization.
  14. If any member does not secure any permission from executive committee before delivering seminary statement, meeting- association in newspaper or magazine as to this organization for and on behalf of organization.
  15. In case, voluntary, non-political and non-profitable image of organization is affected.
  16. If any member illegally extorts and receive donation/ grant In the name of organization from people beyond the constitution.
  17. If working area of organization is abandoned.
  18. If any disturbance is created to run activities of organization willfully concealing valuable records of organization.

Section-9: Right of Members:-

  1. Founder Members and General Members will reserve voting rights and opinions about key points of organization.
  2. Election of Executive Committee will made from among General Member by General Members.
  3. General Members will express their opinions and recommendations for development of organization and society.
  4. General Members will approve the under-mentioned points:-
  5. Constitutional revise, modification and addition
  6. Annual Accounts Report
  7. Composition of Executive Committee
  8. To exercise voting right

Section-10, Admission rules of member:

  1. Application in prescribed application form of organization must be submitted or dropped to chairman/ General Secretary.
  2. Application of membership will be rejected or dismissed as per proposal taken at meeting of Executive Committee.
  3. Chairman / General Secretary will place the messaged application at meeting of executive committee and will maintain record in member register with approval of general meeting.
  4. If name of applicant for membership is considered as member of organization at meeting of Executive Committee, the concerned person will be informed in this regard within 03 (Three) days.
  5. Member of organization must be enlisted or affiliated upon payment of Tk.500/- against admission fee and monthly subscription of Tk.100/- (one hudred) to the treasurer after being accepted of application.

Section-11, Suspension of membership: Initially warning will be given by issuing notice not suspending membership for cancellation of membership u/s. 8 without a, e, h, j, h, k & m of section-8 of constitution. As a result membership will be suspended if the concerned member is not corrected. Subsequently he will be issued to show cause. Member will get option to surrender himself.  If explanation or response is proved satisfactory to the notice of initial membership suspension, membership can be restored as per decision of Executive Committee.

Section-12, membership renewal / readmission: If total arrear of subscription is paid with approval of Executive Committee and if undertaking is made to perform duty constitutionally vested in future allegiance to constitution, membership can be renewed / restored with approval in writing.

Section-13, Branch Office:

  1. a) Composition and body of Branch Committee:-

Unit Committee can be formed comprising members from that area where branch will be opened as per constitution of organization. The branch committee will be of 05 members comprising other 02 members including Chairman, General Secretary and Treasurer of committee.  Branch Committee will be approved, regulated by Central Committee and branch will be elected and led by General Committee.

  1. b) Duty, responsibility and facility of branch:-

Any branch’s function can be suspended as per decision of Central Committee. Branch Committee shall have no objection and obligation in this regard. Central Committee will take over all obligations and liabilities about suspension of branch committee. If Central Committee suspends activities of any branch will inform registering authority in writing within 30 (third) days specifying closing reason of branch.

  1. c) Branch regulatory system by Central Office:-

Branch will remain liable and bound to complete functions assigned by central committee as per budget allocated for branches by central committee.

  1. d) Branch Committee:-

Chairman and General Secretary of Branch Committee will be considered as member of Central General Committee by right of their position.

Section-14, Three Organizational Bodies for management of organization:-

  1. Advisory Committee
  2. General Committee
  3. Executive Committee
  4. Advisory Committee will be composed of persons especially qualified, well-skilled, expert and experienced, distinguished and members of advisory committee will deal or represent key points of organization. Executive Committee of Organization is entitled to constitute the Advisory Committee of 05 (Five) members upon discussion by meeting of executive committee. Tenure of this committee will continue upto two years. Executive Committee will hold or reserve power to constitute new advisory committee dissolving advisory committee very early on validity expiry of executive committee if necessary. Society will perform.
  5. General Committee: It will be constituted comprising all founder members and members of General Committee but number of member of General Committee shall not exceed its maximum limit.
  6. Executive Committee:- General Committee will elect an Executive Committee of 09 (nine) members for 02 (two) years. Executive Committee of 09 (nine) members will be constituted comprising the following members.

Section-15, Body of Executive Committee:-

  1. Chairman 1
  2. Vice Chairman 1
  3. General Secretary 1
  4. Joint Secretary 1
  5. Treasurer 1
  6. Organizational Secretary 1
  7. Office Secretary 1

Total 7 persons

Section-16, Vacancies Copt. of Executive Committee:

Members of Executive Committee may Copt vacancy by General Meeting from Members of General Committee if any vacancy arises out of Committee within their term. Approval for such Copted member will be secured or obtained from registering authority.

Section-17, duty & responsibility of Executive Committee:

  1. Executive Committee will be on overall management of organization and governing duty coordinating all activities of this organization.
  2. Executive Committee will take decision to hand over any special duty to any member of organization at its meeting.
  3. Executive Committee will make fund arrangement, different receipts, implementation of organization.
  4. Any decision of executive committee must require approval from majority of total at least 2/ 3 members of executive committee of organization.
  5. Executive Committee will exercise their power or duty for monitoring/ supervision, maintenance of rules and disciplines of organization, member collection, suspension or rejection etc. and perform supervising duty of social welfare activities and will give advice in different points.
  6. Executive Committee can suspend membership or take new member if necessary in law but will approve as per decision of General Committee.
  7. Executive Committee will exercise or practice all administrative activities and will be entitled to the full power in respect of taking decision and implementation regarding all functions of organization.
  8. Will formulate annual budget of organization and place at annual general meeting for securing approval.
  9. Will any rightful decision about peaceful disciplinary action for interest of organization or locality but it must be approved at General Meeting.
  10. Executive Committee can constitute different sub-committee for execution of any work.
  11. To recruit officer-employees / manpower of organization with approval of the registering authority.
  12. b) Section-18, Duty & Responsibility of members of Executive Committee of organization:-
  13. Chairman
  14. a) He will preside over Executive Committee’s meeting, annual general meeting or extra-ordinary meeting and advise general secretary to call meeting.
  15. b) He will convene meeting of organization if necessary.
  16. c) He will assess policies and rules for management of organization on the basis of opinion given by members if necessary.
  17. d) Will inspire, co-operate and advise in jobs vested to the appointed officers and volunteers of organization.
  18. e) He will sign any other deed of agreement for organization.
  19. f) He will monitor, advise and inspire all departmental officers and will delegate at any meeting/ symposium and seminar of organization. He will receive and meet any guest.
  20. g) He will approve all vouchers of organization.
  21. h) He will supervise and advise all works.
  22. i) Will always be active to protect image of organization.
  23. j) He will nominate any other member of executive committee to exercise activities in his absence.
  24. Vice President
  25. a) Will co-operate president in all works.
  26. b) Will perform his duty in absence of President.
  27. c) Will perform duty vested of Executive Committee
  28. General Secretary
  29. a) He will maintain accounts of immovable / movable property of organization and keep minutes of general meeting and executive committee.
  30. b) He will be responsible to prepare annual activities report of organization and submit at general meeting with approval of executive committee, to promote and uphold other functions of organization before people.
  31. c) He will put list of members of organization and intimate them about activities of organization.
  32. d) He will be responsible to keep communication between associate and co-workers/ to maintain records file of organization and will take the action to record Minutes of Meeting.
  33. e) Will record all meeting calls and meeting of organization with president appointing day of meeting.
  34. f) He will maintain stock book for immovable / movable assets of organization.
  35. g) Will submit financial annual report of organization at Annual General Meeting.
  36. Joint General Secretary :
  37. a) He will extend helping hand to perform all works of General Secretary.
  38. b) Will be liable to perform duty of General Secretary in his absence.
  39. c) Will perform duty as vested by Executive Committee


  1. Treasurer:
  2. a) He will receive all types of fund, money, subscription, contribution, grants, donations of organization by receipt.
  3. b) He will maintain records of accounts about fund of organization.
  4. c) He will extend his helping hands to chairman and general secretary to formulate or make annual budget of organization.
  5. d) He will perform overall co-operative duty towards executive committee for approval of annual budget and budget preparation and on submission of annual expenditure at Annual General Meeting.
  6. e) He will always maintain communication about fund of organization with bank and financial institution with advice of chairman and general secretary.
  7. f) He will intimate or communicate the deposit matter to chairman / general secretary after depositing received money in the concerned account number of organization with 24 hours.
  8. Organizing Secretary
  9. a) He will perform organizational duty of organization.
  10. b) Will co-operate chairman and general secretary in function.
  11. c) Will perform duty vested by executive committee


  1. Office Secretary
  2. a) He will perform official works of organization.
  3. b) Will co-operative or assist chairman and general secretary.
  4. c) Will perform job vested by Executive Committee


  1. Secretary of Social Welfare Affairs
  2. a) He will perform social welfare related duty of organization.
  3. b) Will perform duty designated by executive committee.
  4. Secretary of Education and Health Affairs
  5. a) He will be responsible to carry out duty related to education and health of organization.
  6. b) He will extend his helping hands to chairman and general secretary
  7. c) Will duty vested by executive committee

Section-19, Power & duty of General Committee

  1. General Committee reserves right to take decision and action legally for greater interest of organization will be treated as final and executive committee will be constituted by general member with founder members.
  2. Annual General Meeting will be held within 18 (eighteen) months after registration of this organization.
  3. As nominated supervisor or overseer nominated by general committee of organization can attend other meetings or executive committee but they have no voting right.
  4. To read minor of the last general meeting and approve
  5. To submit all types of reports and decision taken by discussion
  6. Amendment or modification/ revise of any bylaw (if any)
  7. Pended proposal / miscellaneous
  8. Executive Committee must take opinion of General Committee about any key point of organization.
  9. General Committee will be responsible for performance of duty in member selection of executive committee

Section-20 :Rules of different types of Meetings

  1. General Meeting
  2. Meeting of Executive Committee
  3. Emergency Meeting
  4. Extra-ordinary Meeting
  5. Postponement meeting
  6. a) General Meeting

General Meeting will be held at least once a year and treated as annual general meeting but if necessary, further any general meeting can be called or convened. The following points will obtain or secure approval and general meeting can be called specifying time, date and place in notice of 15 (fifteen) days.

  • Annual Report of Organization
  • Annual Budget & Accounts
  • To nominate Auditor for internal audit of income and expenses of organization of organization at annual general meeting.
  • Change, revise, modification or addition of section, sub section in constitution of organization.


  • Decision can be taken if quorum will be full in presence of at least 2/3 members out of total. Proposal of majority members of meeting full of quorum will be accepted as resolution of meeting.


  1. b) Meeting of Executive Committee:-


1) At least 06 meetings of executive committee will be yearly held.


2) Notice of meeting must be issued specifying time, date and place at least 7 days ago. Meeting quorum will be full in presence of at least 2/3 members of executive committee and proposed motioned by majority of members at meeting full of quorum will be treated as decision of meeting.


  1. c) Emergency Meeting : It can be arranged or held specifying time, date and place in notice of 03 (three) days. Meeting quorum will be full in presence of at least 2/3 members of executive committee and proposed motioned by majority of members at meeting full of quorum will be treated as decision of meeting.
  2. d) Extra-Ordinary Meeting:- Ordinary meeting can be convened by issuing notice within 15 days for any special reason but any other discussion and decision cannot be taken without special agenda. Notice must be issued in due rule recording purpose of special agenda. Meeting quorum will be fulfilled in presence of at least 2/3 members of executive committee and proposed motioned by majority of members at meeting full of quorum will be treated as decision of meeting
  3. d) Postponement meeting:

1) Postponed meeting for absence of quorum must be complete within the next 21 days from the postponed date of General Meeting. Notice must be issued within 07 (Seven) days from the date of postponed meeting. Resolution accepted by at least 2/3 members out of total numbers of Executive Committee at meeting held will be deemed as final.

2) If Meeting of Executive Committee is postponed for absence or shortfall of quorum two times in notice of 07 (seven) days and although third times, quorum of meeting held by notice of 03 days is not fulfilled, the members present in the meeting can transact postponed meeting. Decision of meeting will be treated as final resolution.


  1. e) Requisition meeting :

1) As per rule of constitution or for any special purpose or circumstances, if Chairman / General Secretary does not intend to call meeting of organization, at least 2/3 (two third) members of total number can submit application of requisition meeting signing agenda of extra-ordinary meeting or purpose of agenda to the Chairman /General Secretary of organization nominating one convener.


2) Chairman / General Secretary will call or convene any requisition meeting within 21 days of receiving application for requisition meeting. If Chairman / General Secretary does not call the requisition meeting, General Members can convene any requisition meeting by lead of one convener by notice 15 (fifteen) days within the next 30 (thirty) days from expiry date of 21 days. Quorum of such meeting will be full in presence of 2/3 members out of total numbers. Proposal of majority member of meeting full of quorum will be accepted as resolution. Requisition or summon meeting can be invited at office of organization.


Section : 21- Fund Collection :

Fund of organization can be collected in the following ways :

  1. Admission fee
  2. Member contribution
  3. Onetime member contribution
  4. Onetime member grant
  5. Grant or donation of any special person/ organization
  6. Governmental grant or donation
  7. To arrange lottery with approval of the concerned authority in order to increase income of organization.


Section: 22- Financial Management:

  1. A saving/ current account must be opened in the name of organization with any scheduled bank at locality or of country for financial transaction of organization.
  2. The said saving / current account will be operated with joint signatures of any 02 persons among three persons chairman, general secretary and treasurer of organization respectively.
  3. Treasurer can keep deposit of Tk.5000/- (Five thousand) in hands for defraying running expenditure and shall obtain approval of sum beyond deposit in hands at the next meeting of Executive Committee.
  4. No sum of deposited fund can be distributed among members at closing financial year. Such type of fund can be spent for purpose of welfare, natural disaster and aid of helpless for achievement of ideology, objectives of organization and implementation of programs.
  5. Approval will be taken at meeting of Executive Committee for withdrawal before defraying required fund of organization.
  6. Under no means fund collected in the name of organization can be kept in hands. Deposit slip or receipt will be collected depositing with concerned bank within 24 hours of receiving collected fund.
  7. Banking policies will be followed for all banking transaction.


Section : 23- Electoral System:

Executive Committee

  1. Registering authority of course must be informed before election.
  2. Executive Committee will be elected by the secret ballot/ discussion/hand raising system/ motion and seconding of General Members. Approval must be obtained from the registering authority within 01 (one) month constituting executive committee. Only after securing approval from the registering authority, the elected committee will acquire its final merit or validity.
  3. Term: Term of Executive Committee will continue or remain in force upto the next two years from date of being elected / nominated.


Section-24 : Election Commission:

Election Commission will be constituted by General Committee comprising 03 (Three) persons those who are not members of organization or will not participate in election of organization. If necessary, Election Commission will be constituted by the registering authority. Commission will be automatically vanished after election. During election, local social service officers will be present as electoral vigilant.


Section-25: Voting system:

One person will cast one vote without any proxy. Electoral schedule will be declared 30 (thirty) days ago of election. Decision awarded by commission on election will be considered as final.

Section-26 Loan payment:

Executive Committee of organization will bear the liability of loan borrowed from different banks, financial institution and other sources.

  1. All incomes and expenses of organization must be audited by any audit firm after 01 year. Annual Audit Report will be submitted to the registering authority.
  2. An internal audit committee will be formed to audit income and expense of organization. The Committee will be consisted of 03 (Three) members from General Members of Executive Committee. The Internal Audit Committee will audit incomes and expenses of organization in every financial year. Executive Committee may change member of the internal audit committee if necessary.


Section-28: Recruitment of Manpower:

A Recruitment Board will be consisted of 05 (five) members by the Executive Committee for recruitment of required manpower in order to implement program and project of organization. Circular will be published in the daily National Newspaper for appointment of manpower. Applicants will appear in interview for recruitment of manpower. Human Resources/ Manpower will be appointed with approval of the registering Authority. No bank draft and security will be taken for appointment of manpower.


Section-29, Constitutional Amendment:-

If necessary to revise, add, change and modify any section of constitution it will be accepted by support / vote of at least 2/3 (two third) members of total members at general meeting and it will be effective with approval of registering authority.


Section-30, Fund Increase:


Prior permission of the registering authority will be obtained or secured in case any special program / events / function is adopted in order to increase fund of organization. A full Account Statement of Income- Expense will be submitted to the Registering Authority on completion of adopted program / project.


Section-31 Lawful Obligations:

Anything whatsoever mentioned in this constitution, all functions or activities will be governed with approval of the related department as per the law prevailing in country under purview of Ordinance no.46 of 1961.


Section-32 Winding up or abolition of organization:

In case, any question arises regarding winding up of organization for any unavoidable reason, application must be submitted to the registering authority by 3 /5 (third fifth) general members after full and finally settlement of all liabilities of organization by Executive Committee. The Registering Authority will take the next action in this regard as per Ordinance.